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"Imagine I throw a spear into the dark. That is my intuition. Then I have to send an expedition into the jungle to find the spear. That is my intellect." - Ingmar Bergman

"Head, Hands & Heart"

I remember my first course at college, my esteemed professor started out the lecture by saying, "Do you remember as a kid when you experimented with a water bucket and swung it around to see what happened?...... This is centrifugal force." Well, I had just spent four years at a rigorous college prep school getting ready for the academic rigor of attending an ivy league college. I had never swung a bucket around as a kid, yet all experiences may have an academic counterpart. 


All observations can lead to academic abstraction and rigor. To get 'ahead' at the expense of truly 'knowing' and understanding the sensate experience of the body and the connections to one's community and 'common sense' understanding may not be true education. 

Early education, early childhood experiences are "Head, Hands & Heart"

It starts with a 'glint in the eye', a spark of enthusiasm and it may lead to a lifetime of engagement in an academic area. 

And the 'bucket' children in our lives may well grow up 

to be Richard Branson or Elon Musk. 

Sunshine and Stitches 

Meet at a local park.

Gather with friends and family to learn how to knit. 

Applied Math in Knitting.


Let's explore your local open space! Get a group of family and friends together. We will introduce you to Geocaching and Navigation using a compass. 

Geocache SWAG

Kick up your Geocache flair a few notches by making DIY custom Swag to reward those who also discover the Geocache. Build up your SWAG crafts kit with site specific Art to share.


Kepler's Cosmos

Kepler laid down the theory of modern astronomy by disproving his own theory that the planets were arranged in their orbit based upon the platonic solids. Build Platonic Solids with ZOME.

 3 Hour Workshop

Get on our waiting list!

Learn More 

What's Your Element?

A workshop for Middle Schoolers to 'Define Learning Styles and Dream of your Fantastic Life Ahead'. Great way to focus an academic plan or brainstorm internship/mentoring opportunities.  

3 hour workshop June 17th 

Learn More

Did you know that higher math departments at Cornell and MIT are

using knitting and crochet to proof mathematical theorems. 

Hands on understanding of mathematical concepts and number sense nurture abstract understandings. Applied Math builds confidence and lovely designs.  

This is a parent/child offering. We will meet at a local park so big play can accompany quiet knitting. I will bring knitting needles/yarn and knitting patterns for purchase. Call ahead of time to secure your project. $20 for teaching, $ Supplies vary.

Let's explore your local open space! Get a group of Family and Friends together. Make a paracord bracelet jig and a paracord bracelet with a compass. Learn how to navigate using NSEW. Make a dragonfly paracord key chain. Learn how to make a Geocache. Hunt for Geocaches using your new skills. $40  

After your introduction to Geocaching, let's kick up your DIY Swag a few notches. Become known in your local area for finding the most geocaches and leaving the best 'calling cards'!

Make custom swag, bottle cap coins, glass bead magnets,  and key chains to celebrate 'Pride of Place' and the Geocache community! Place a Cache and Hunt for new ones at your local open space or neighborhood gathering. Ideal for boyscouts/girlscouts or homeschool nature groups. $40 Supplies 

Herbal Dyeing

Learn how to dye wool, silk, cotton using tree prunings, Food 'waste', and, weeds!

Let's set a date for a family gathering at a picnic area and set up a dye kitchen! Let us know you are interested and we can alert you to the Dharma Trading Field Trip to buy 

Dyeables. Earlyelements99@

Kepler's Kosmos, Platonic Solids

Sacred Geometry introduces young students to the fascinating universal language of mathematical form. 

Build a beautiful model inspired by the work of Johannes Kepler.

We will watch videos from cutting edge mathematicians and thought leaders in physics. Get on our waiting list.

3 hour workshop $120

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